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Psychological and interpersonal difficulties can often be resolved through problem-solving efforts, the help of others, and can even improve with the cultivation of tolerance, acceptance and forgiveness. However sometimes, in spite of our best efforts to understand and work through our difficulties, nothing seems to work and our suffering might even worsen. It is during these times of unremitting and reoccurring suffering that counseling and/or psychotherapy can be helpful.

Alan Kaiser, a clinical social worker and nurse practitioner, has maintained a counseling/psychotherapy practice since 1987 and is trained and proficient in the treatment of children, adolescents, adults and families. His methods of intervention are derived from psychodynamic, family-systems, cognitive and pharmacological therapies as well as from the field of Mindfulness (Buddhist) psychology. During the assessment and initial phase of intervention a specific approach, or blend of approaches, is selected in ‘accord with’ or ‘to fit’ the client and his or her difficulties. These are then considered with respect to anticipated outcomes and, as necessary, modified. The process is both individual and interpersonal; the treatment relationship containing and protecting the delicate and creative process of individual exploration.